Multiple Conditions on salary structure

Can anyone help me how to set salary conditions like
if base <= 10000 then component = base * .2
if base > 10000 and <= 50000 then component = base * .3
else base * .4

Thank you

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AFAIK for a salary component, you can define multiple conditions, but only one formula. We cannot have formula varying based on condition.

Hello i think you can set those in salary structures in version 7, are you in kigali? i can give you all the formula to calculate rssb,paye…

yes Agano am in Kigali, it would be a great assistance if you could help PAYE formula. this is my 1st week working with ERPNEXT. i have been working with odoo since version 7, i found ERPNEXT better, source code looks much better and clean. easily to understand. Thank you

awesome i thought we were only 2 erpnext dev in Rwanda and now there is a 3rd one,i left odoo some months ago erpnext is far better, we should have a meetup this is my phone +250784948924

I am facing the same problem, I need the condition to have and, how I can achieve it?

Any Update! Same Problem Here