Multiple currencies, tax rates in POS

Hi, I’m an accountant trying out ERPNext for my company and had a few questions:

  • In the POS, I need tax rates to differ based on products as well as customers (sometimes we send small shipments abroad on behalf of our customers so 0% GST)
  • In the POS, I need choice of receiving payment in multiple currencies

Will I need customisation for both? (Sorry if this has a very obvious answer, ERPNext is not the easiest to understand for a newbie!)

Hi @reva! Thanks for your questions!

  1. For our first quesiton, try looking at this : . You can set individual taxes in every item and can also use Sales Tax Templates. You can explore more on it by doing examples.

  2. For your second question, you can actually set currency in ever customer. Also in the Invoice, you can alter currency to use with conversions under “Currency and Price List” section.

Hope this helps!


Thanks @creamdory ! I did try the steps to set individual taxes for each item but the POS still applies a tax on the net total, maybe I missed some steps and I’ll go back & check.

However, is it possible to set the tax rate for each customer, and have different currencies, in the POS? It’s important that I get these in the POS rather than a sales Invoice.

Thank you

the POS is made for quick entry in a retail situation…sales invoice will give full flexiikity…

I understand… but I need the POS to allow customer-wise tax rates as we offer logistics services along with our retail sales, and some of these are counted as exports= 0% GST.
Is it possible to customise the POS in ERPNext?

Anyone was able to work on this?
We will be looking for the same.
What will be ideal is to have currency select when we press pay in the POS Screen.
If customer pays in different currency then It will use currency conversion doctype. to convert the values.