Multiple currency & Multiple cost center


i have special case and try to find any one have same but didn’t find in earlier posts.

we as company has 3 branches (cost center) thus branches on different countries, means each cost center has his own currency, i found solution says create company for each branch, but this is not practical, i was think to build set accounts in chart of account for each branch but still not practical.

any idea how we can solve this or if their any plan to adding this feature soon?

or at least the temp solution is how i can change the currency from journal account entry because currently its read only, and try to make change and not accepted.

Presumably your current business practice has a ‘fix’ for your case -

How does that work as an option forward to apply and adapt an ERP solution?

You dismiss ‘create company for each branch’ and 'build set accounts in chart of account for each branch (or cost center)" as not practical. Please be specific why this is the case.

Trial and error will illustrate in a concrete way

your cost centers does not need different currencies. Just that transactions from those branches will be in different currencies depending on the customer. ERPNext will convert those into your company currency.