Multiple Currency USD EURO INDIAN

Hello team,

is there any way to add USD currency in erpnext.
Example:- while making PO or SO we will choose suitable Currency. i.e Indian Reuppes,Dollar Euro.

@dineshpanchal432 This feature is already in live.



Yeah That gr8.
but i couldnt able to see that Currency change Field.

This Features called Price List ??? i have to create Price list for that. Right ??

Go to Currency List and ensure that your desired currencies are Enabled.

Here is a link to the demo for an example:

hi Felix, do you know how to set the website currency. Please pay attention that only for website. So in my accounting system, everything is in EUR, including price lists currency , company currency and customer billing currency. But I want my customer see the price on the website in their own currency. A customer in china, for example, see the price in CNY and the rate should be changed by the exchange rate. Again, ONLY on website, so if the customer place an order, the system makes a sales order and then a sales invoice, they should be in EUR as set in the system.

For me, I think this should be in user’s setting. So if the user territory is China the currency showing one website for him should be CNY.

And any friend doing international business has same set up to share? Thanks in advance.