Multiple date support (adding solar(persian) Date)

Hi everybody,
I searched almost all the topics related to date and datepeaker and I can not get any usefull results (absolutely because of my poor knowledge in programing). I installed and tested ERPNext for our company and it is completely feet for our needs, but as we are located in Iran,our official date system is known as Jalali or Shamsi date. So we need to use multiple calendars in system, one (Georgian) for our overseas customers and one (Jalali) for our internal use and domestic customers. I have access to all scripts that are needed to convert the dates to each other. So it would be great if someone can hand me detailed information for how to do it or a solution to do it by adding custom fields to my forms that uses the script to convert the date.

P.S: I have a little knowledge in programing.

Thanks to everybody that make this software a great one.

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Sorry as this feature is not available in ERPNext as a standard feature. You followup for this feature from here.


I guess these changes should be done upstream (Flatpickr is now used). I have opened an issue there. You can express your support for this idea by giving the issue a thumb up :+1:.

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Hi @dalwadani and @Ehsan_Rahimi
It’s very good idea to support multi calendar in ERPNEXT , i add Solar Hijra calendar in bounty source hope you can contribute to add this feature in erpnext .
bounty source link is : Bountysource