Multiple Delete and Multiple Select of Child Items

Greetings Community,

I would just like to ask if anyone here has successfully customize to multiple delete or multiple select items?

Use Case

Sales Order >> Get Items from Quotation

I need only 2 out of 10 quoted items. At the moment, I think we have to delete line by line item but for user convenience, are we able to do a selection and delete items we don’t need at once. 16 clicks at the moment can be reduced to 10 at least.




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This is not possible at the moment but you can raise a feature request for multi select option in child table at Sign in to GitHub · GitHub

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Thanks @KanchanChauhan!

Put up issue here: Multiple Delete and Multiple Select of Child Items · Issue #7009 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

I don’t think I can label though … :slight_smile:

Hi, i create similar issue #6866 on github.
You wasmentioned here another problem with adding multiple documents.
This will be a concatenation on my suggestion. I will put it like option button.

  1. Insert multiple DN to SI for my example
    My suggestion is to have list view with check box beside with option select all like i draw on issue #6866
  2. Selecting particular items from that list.
    If you don’t wan’t to add all item from selected docs you will check option on the form and when you click button add another window will pop up.
    That window will contain all items from docs selected in previous window.
    Otherwise, if you don’t check program will add it all

Hope some similar option will be added in ERPNEXT in the future

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