Multiple Delivery Notes of the same Delivery Note shown

I have a sales order with multiple items. I create a delivery note for those items to be shipped. The delivery note looks okay. Except from within the Sales Order I go to view the delivery notes I notice several delivery notes. One for each item I have in my delivery note. They all reference the same delivery notes but for some reason I see mulitples with the word Row (X), where X is the sequential number up to how many items I have.

here’s an example.

There is only one Delivery Note created. Only when searching it lists each individual row.

It’s the same if you search Sales Invoice against DN

I think the desired result should be that only the document is fetched and not the individual items/rows correct?

I think you should go ahead and create a Github issue for this. Else it seems to be intentional.

no it’s definitely not intentional. I’ve only had this result after an update. There should only ever be one Delivery Note shown. This is definitely a bug.

If that’s the case then it’s best to create a GitHub issue with [Bug]. You can reference this post too.

Confirmed it’s a bug. It should be solved with this PR

thanks :slight_smile: