Multiple ERPnext Intances using docker


Sorry for the noob questions, is there anyway to install 2 instances in 1 VPS server? to save cost obviously.

Thank you

Check the docker swarm setup.

If you add multiple stacks remember to name the services with unique names. e.g. erpnext-python-staging, erpnext-python-prod, etc.

You can add multiple stacks of ERPNext as well as other applications and save cost of VM.

I’m using it for a case where staging bench, production bench and wordpress website is on 1 VPS.

Thanks @revant_one, greatly appreciate ur reply and your work in this forum.

Is there any minimum recommended VPS spec for docker swarm?
and why not straight to Kubernetes setup compared to docker swarm?

Thank you @Maheshwari_Bhavesh

I’d recommend,

  • 1 VPS as data server, Setup Data Server · GitHub. Maintain your state here, backup this server.
  • Setup traefik on a labelled Swarm master, it will become your load balancer, This is another VPS, 1st master
  • setup portainer on labelled Swarm master (optional)
  • invest in data server. Rest all VPS can be low spec, you can always scale them horizontally.

This setup allows easy expansion of mounted volumes in vm setups. If needed make this data server HA later.

You just need VPS from any provider for Docker swarm. For Kubernetes you either need provider with managed Kubernetes offering or you’ll need to set it up on your own. Kubernetes setup is not as easy as setting up Docker swarm.

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Hi @revant_one , this link is broken. Any idea about latest Docker Swarm deployment for v13 please?

ERPNext on Docker Swarm · GitHub I’ve gist with all yamls