Multiple EU VAT registrations

I’m trying to find a way to use ERPNext to support multiple VAT registrations (e.g. UK, DE, FR) for a single entity. The options are:

  1. Run each VAT registration in a child company (e.g. DE, FR) of the parent company (e.g. UK), but this causes an issue of sales payments from the child company can’t be paid directly into the parent’s company’s bank account.
  2. Run each VAT registration as a cost centre, but then how do I make the correct VAT number appear on sales invoices?

Any advice on how best to set this up would be appreciated.

Can anyone advise on how best to set up EU VAT where a detailed breakdown is required? The example I’m using at the moment is Maltese VAT, which should provide sufficient basis for me to work out how to do it in other EU countries.

VAT accounts I’ve set up in the CoA are:
(Input VAT)
1522 - MT Services and Overheads 18% - HSL
1532 - MT Services and Overheads 7% - HSL
1533 - MT Services and Overheads 5% - HSL
1534 - MT Capital Goods - HSL
1535 - MT Resale Goods 18% - HSL
1536 - MT Resale Goods 5% - HSL
1537 - MT Resale Goods EU Reverse - HSL
1538 - MT Services EU Reverse - HSL
1539 - MT Capital Goods EU Reverse - HSL
1540 - MT PoS Except EU Reverse - HSL

(Output VAT)
2322 - MT VAT 18% - HSL
2323 - MT VAT 7% - HSL
2324 - MT VAT 5% - HSL
2325 - MT EU Reverse - HSL
2326 - MT PoS Except EU Reverse - HSL

This means the VAT amounts are correct, but I’m having difficulty with the value of sales/purchases. Do these all require separate accounts in the CoA, or should some other method be used (e.g. accounting dimensions)?

Sample Maltese VAT return form:

Did you manfge to find a solution?
I am working on this topic too. However I belive there is a major issue due to the topic ERPNext seperats the journal entery and the VAT in two complete seperate topics.