Multiple fields in single cell in Print

Hello Everyone,

Please refer the image below. I am trying to pull two field in one column when the document prints (quotation or invoice). Want to show ‘Item code’ and ‘description’ together in one column and ‘Price List Rate’ and ‘Discount %’ together.

I am unable to figure-out how can this be done. Could anyone please guide me how is this to be done.


Create custom print format… Using Jinja2 templating like this

<td>{{ row.item_code }} {{ row.description }} </td>
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Thank you @jof2jc

Is there a possibility to do this using Print format builder? I am just customising the standard template.
I was hoping to Customise form “Quotation Item” add a custom field called “Item” and pull in “Item_code” and “Description” and display it together. If it is possible.
I did try to create one, Created a “Data” type and added {Item_code} {description} in the ‘Display’ section. But I did not get it.

Do I need to write any script to get it work or what I am trying isn’t it possible at all?


Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

Hi Raghuzor

Were you able to find a solutions for this? I am searching for the exact solution.

I need one column displaying item_code in the first line followed by the description.

Thanks in advance!

Custom print format is the only solution.

This is what I have achieved.