Multiple indicators in listview

Hi All

Is ist possible to set more than one indicator color in list view?

It works fine to define the color of the column “Status”, but can i also define a color for the column “Transaction Status”? (see pic below)


thanks for help!


I was looking at the code and I didn’t find a way to do it with the classic JavaScript get_indicator. But maybe you can do something with a custom Workflow for that doctype.
Or if in your select you use one of this status, it will be setted automatically:

["Pending", "Review", "Medium", "Not Approved"] colour = "orange"
["Open", "Urgent", "High"] colour = "red"
["Closed", "Finished", "Converted", "Completed", "Confirmed", "Approved", "Yes", "Active", "Available", "Paid"] colour = "green"
["Submitted"] colour = "blue"
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