Multiple Instances of ERPNext Production Deployment on one Server

Is there any complete guide or steps to establish Multiple instances of “ERPNext Production” on one server. It is really not cost effective technique to create each time new server for each & every clients.
I have to demonstrate the projects but everytime I have to purchase temporary servers & have to configure everytime ERPNext again and again.

I had followed & researched my own, each thread is either old or contains partial information. This one was a bit near about to complete but still not easily understand for everyone, I mean not everyone is DevOps or SysAdmins. Here the link is:

Freelancers or Organizations are most welcome to comment, how you build your environment in order to temporary demonstration to your clients.

Have you tried following this guide:

Its Okay. DNS based multitenancy would be more preferable.
In addition to above, I would like to know is it possible to perform above action(DNS based multitenancy) with subdomains?

If Yes, above guide is okay to install or some other facts still have to consider?


Yes, you can do it with domains and subdomains as long as they are all pointing to the same Server (IP).

Yes it is the preferred option, you just need to ensure that the server is configured to manage/handle multiple sites and that you have allocated sufficient RAM, Disk Space, CPU etc.