Multiple Invoice from one Timesheet (no double billing)

Dear ERPNext Community,

I am struggeling with the Timesheets for years now. The problem is that normally when you use ERPNext to track time and bill for it you have to be liable for your billing and explain what you have billed for, so you display your timesheet detail inside the Sales Invoice. Normally you have multiple projects and multiple Employees and each employee has to track times inside a timesheet.

When you invoice you “Pull from Timesheet” inside the Sales Invoice and the timesheets get loaded into the Invoice.

Problem is that ERPNext does not allow to have multiple Invoices for one timesheet and as soon as one invoice is submitted for a timesheet, even that invoice only takes only 20% of the timesheet rows it shows billed 100% and if you make another invoice for the rest of the timesheet it throws a error with “Timesheet TS-XXXXX is already completed or cancelled”.

The way to go is that telling your Employees to make one timesheet for every Project for each billing period. But having dozens of projects makes that really messy and a big burden for employees.

It should be possible to make one timesheet per employee, per month containing different projects and task and have several Invoices for every timesheet. When a timesheet is billed 10% it should display that 10% and not 100% and allow another invoice for the rest of the timesheet.

What are your experiences for that and what solutions do you suggest to optimize the timesheets?
Looking forward to a finally working timesheets solution, without headache for anyone.

Dear Community,

We have similar requirements and exact the same problems: multiple projects per employee and an exponential growth of the number of timesheets and associated administrative effort.

Is there meanwhile a practical solution to this requirement?

The question is old, but i struggled with the same issue for some time and hoped for an answer. I think i found my answer and maybe it will help somebody else in the future. It`s necessary to fill out the project in the invoice, otherwise the whole timesheet logs get the same sales invoice and the timesheet will be set as billed. With a given project, the timesheet stays submitted and just the related logs gets the sales invoice.