Multiple item with Different Taxes?

Hi Experts,

How do i resolve below taxation in ERP.
below is the case

please sugeest

This question comes up too many times and has been answered wonderfully well already. Many times. Down to Print Formats.

Please search the discussion forum and you will find the answers.



You need to create different Items & have their Tax structure filled in the item itself
don’t select the tax structure anywhere else it will auto calculate the rest.
The new version has invoicing in line with tallly , which I haven’t tried yet

I still think there’s a major gap here. The same tax does not always apply to a specific item. The tax rate could be different depending on the context of the transaction. There does seem to be a work-around but it is quite complex in my opinion. I think a situation where tax can be specified per “sales invoice line item” in the sales invoice would be the best way to solve this issue. That way, one could apply a 5% tax on freight services in one Sales invoice and apply a 10% tax in a completely different invoice.


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Yeah, Chude! You are talking about complex tax/expense structures with a step function. This post is about, if I understand it right, two items A & B, having a tax rate of X & Y. And making a single transaction with those two items. And displaying the absolute value of taxes in the invoice against each item. And being able to pay and account for those taxes appropriately.

That part has been done and dusted! A robust solution exists, so let’s not confuse people!