Multiple Leave application Type on Leave request


Can we include multiple leave application type on an single leave application request ?

you mean extra options or extra field?
you can add an extra field or extra options in the same field using customize form.

Customize Form

For example suppose an employee wants an 10 days leave ,while applying he is having 5 CL and 5 PL ,without applying two leaves can we include two leave types and apply .
I have customised the form ,confused about the from& to date for the leave type .

Why don’t you create two Leave Applications then?
As you can’t differentiate leave days with respect to Leave Types. It just for your reference Leave Type and Leave Type 2

In our case Leave allocated Anually ,so employee can apply 10 CL for the particular period .
So the HR required to modify the application before approval .

What kind of modifications? If Leave application is in Draft it is editable until gets submitted.
You can manage Doc status in the workflow.

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-Use “Leave Allocation” tool to assign leave to employee with different leave type and make number of leave application by using Leave type for particular period.
-No need to create another field “Leave Type 2” in leave application form.

Hello @helpdesk ,

Have you achieved?. Even I am having the same requirement.


A workaround for this is to have single type of leave, let’s say PTO instead of having multiple types of leaves that are difficult to merge together and track when creating a leave application.

Thanks @shashank_shirke.

Is there any other workaround?.