Multiple Leave Approver Email Recipients

Hello there

I would like to inquire if anyone setup here or if it is already available on the latest version. Upon approval of leave, I would like to email two people. Basically, I CC’d the other person.


  1. Employee submits a leave request, and the system emails the leave approver (manager)

  2. Manager will either approve or deny the leave request; if approved, the system will email HR; if rejected, the system will email the employee.

  3. The system will email the employee if HR approves or rejects the leave request.

@NinYo By default, the workflow sends emails automatically to the next line approver if you enabled track by email. For the last step, since the employee is not expected to trigger any workflow action, you can set a standard notification to the employee using the doc.owner condition to ensure only the employee who initiated the leave request receives the notification.

Hi @flexy2ky,

Since it is not possible in an individual or user configuration, I have configured the second approver under the department level. However, the system sends an email to the approver rather than HR at the second level. Please view the screenshot.

When I log in as my own user to approve the leave application (second image), the system emails it back to me instead of HR.

@NinYo You can use workflow to handle the approval process. The standard leave approval function only allows for one approval step but with the workflow, you can implement multiple approval steps.

Hi @flexy2ky

The Workflow is already set up, and I have no issues with it.

The workflow for sending emails is only my problem.

As you can see from the screenshot, the system will email the HR User following the first approval (Approved by Head). However, following the approval, it emails the Head back.