Multiple lines of same item on the BOM

Any BOM specialists in?

When we create quotes / sales we can have the same item on more than one line.

I can’t see a way to do that on the BOM.

For example we make pipe clips from metal bar. The pipe clip is essentially in two halves. Two halves make one clip . So the BOM needs to have 2 lengths of metal bar, each one is 0.125 meters. We have the metal bar set up as meters, I don’t want the BOM to say 0.25 meters (total) it has to to have 0.125 on two lines so the production guys know what lenght to cut the bar to

I think there is some validation currently that disallows this, maybe a GitHub issue might give more insight as to why it is like that.

In the mean time, maybe you could create a BOM with Operations and add the information in the Operation and tie it to a WorkStation.

We are not using operations and workstations, keeping it very simple. I will add to github, thanks

You could have two separate raw materials, one for each half of the pipe clip even though they are the same material in the end.
Keep in mind this would change how you order stock, but maybe that’s less important to you.

Setting up operations and workstations is the proper way to do this. I would be surprised if much happens with your github request because of this but maybe they’ll figure out a way.

Good idea, but no. The stock is used on many products so for stock control it has to be the same

Hi @Ron_Taylor ,

i create feature rewuest last month on Github. There i recomend to add option in report builder. I have the same problem with Sales Invoice. I wan’t to group one report by items, and another by Delivery Notes. Github issue is #6961


What is the hierarchy on your BOM currently? What are the items from top level to bottom raw material?

Maybe you can make a “Pipe Clip” item that has 2 “Half pipe clip” items under it. The half clip items each have 0.125 meters of bar listed as raw material. This way ordering bar should be unaffected (proper total qty), and you have a listing in your BOM of 2 identical items each with the right amount of material.

We just have a single level so the clip is directly made from the raw material. Trying to replicated the systems we have as close as possible to minimise the disruption

Do you mean

  1. Create a new item called “half Clip” and create a BOM for the half clip raw materials
  2. Create a BOM for the full clip that consists of 2 off half clips
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Both actually:

  • create a “Half clip” item
  • create BOM for the “Half clip” item consisting of 0.125 meters of bar
  • create BOM for the full clip with 2 half clip items

You must create the half clip BOM before creating the full clip BOM or it won’t work.


Yep, I think that could work well. As actually we tend to end up with the odd half here and there, so this will be better stock control