Multiple New Features Added (Sponsored By Seibert Media)

Dear All,

Happy to share that Seibert Media (@Martin_Seibert) has sponsored the development of below features.

These features are available in the latest develop branch.

1. Multi-select field in the quotation and opportunity for lost reasons

You can create a list of ‘Reasons’ via ‘Opportunity Lost Reason’ doctype and select multiple applicable values when marking it as lost.

Link to PR: feat: Lost reason selection using Table MultiSelect in Quotation and Opportunity by deepeshgarg007 · Pull Request #16310 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub


2. Relative Timeframe in filters

Now you can easily filter records based on relative timeframes like ‘Previous 1 Week’, ‘Previous 1 Month’, ’Next 1 Week’. There are many more options like 1, 3 and 6 months. This is available for all ‘Date’ and ‘Datetime’ fields.

Link to PR: feat: relative timeframe filters by sahil28297 · Pull Request #6792 · frappe/frappe · GitHub


3. Links in the daily digest

Instead of just displaying numbers in daily digest, now we have links to appropriate reports so that you can click and analyze the data shown.

Link to PR: feat: Links to report in email digest by deepeshgarg007 · Pull Request #16332 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub


Please free to PM if you would like to sponsor development of any features.



Thanks @Martin_Seibert for showing the way. Really great to see more and more people pushing changes to the core so the entire community can benefit. I think they will also see the added benefit of their changes being long lasting and upgrade safe.

Also gives you a little bit more satisfaction of being useful to the community :wink:


Actually I like the idea of sponsored features. How does it work ?


If you would like any features to be part of ERPNext, you can let us know.

From Frappe, we will develop and merge these features into ERPNext.

We will charge based on the hours it takes to develop the features.



Do we get the time estimation before ?, and who insures that the feature is as it is expected ?, and how is it tracked the time or so ?

We want to sponser a group access control feature that is an extra field to be added in projects, sales, crm … etc. to allow having multiple teams of the same roles in the system to have their work separated, and only share work that is required for sharing.

UseCase Example

Different Sales Teams under the same company, a sales team for Service A and a sales team for Service B. Each may have sales orders or projects that are of no concern to the other, but also some projects they could have together.

Creating different Group access control such as Sales Team A, Sales Team B, Sales Team AB… so pretty much its a way to control access without having to define access control by role or company which is not from the business entities seems valid.

We were successful to create and add the field in many of the forms, but we had a problem in one scenarios which is the Manager of Sales Team A can see all Sales Team A work but not Sale B, but the Sales employees for Team A can only see their work. This rule was conflict, as when we apply access group + owner, the access group overrides and sales employee can see all Sales Team A work not just his/her work. So it really needs to be integrated into ERPNext understanding.

This feature is similar to SuiteCRM access group security, this feature is really very important for creating dynamic groups inside a company, not by role or to separate them to another company, as at the end the accounting and budgeting is for one company, and roles also are similar in access and privileges.

Please advice.

Best Regards,


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I think this can be done using the existing permissions mechanism.

Let me send you PM.