Multiple new issues in the last weeks on the Hosted version

I’m using the erpnext hosted version and I’m getting a bit tired of all the new issues that are coming up with the continuous upgrades in the last month.

ERPNext team is working quickly to solve the issues but it’s annoying because I’m very limited with the software depending on the issues.

Right now I have to issues: First one in payment entry:

And second one is in the Sales Order, when I select an item, the item field and description and unit are not fetched automatically. This was workinf fine few days ago.

Is there something you can do before upgrading the hosted version so we dont get all the new issues.

This discussion proposes that hosted users be given an update option? Choosing when to update the hosted version instead of automatic updates - #8 by wdg

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yes if possible or maybe or run on a stable version instead of the latest release that is not fully tested…

From his service provider viewpoint BKM expresses your exact sentiments The business of ERP and Pricing it right - #37 by bkm

The incessant stream of updates exhausts users who refuse to tolerate the time consuming changes that detracts from their business routines.

His service is to supply a ‘stable’ version that clients can use, presumably that he offers customizations.

I would be keen to know why Frappe prefers NOT to offer hosted users an opt in/opt out choice to auto update. Perhaps for maintenance and resource reasons, they prefer to fix update bugs when they happen in relation to code changes, rather than at some later date when client’s opt to update and a bug is stale and developers are less familiar with the problem code?


Thanks for sharing your concerns, @Samuel_Gervais. I believe if the stability of the master branch would be increased (and the updates on the hosted version I believe are on master), this would probaly already reduce your issues… Not sure if we need an extra cascade from develop > testing > master…

I like the updates and new features. I just dont like being not able to do something that I was doing previously without a problem.

Increasing the stability of the master branch is the solution.


Not so sure master branch stability would actually fix your problems.

You would still have times when the core system changes and a feature or function you use regularly is radically changed, removed completely, or just broken. This would be more specifically true when the core moves from one major version number to the next (like version 9 to version 10). In the current structure of the Frappe Cloud hosting, you would not be able to opt out of that move and that is when features or function changes will have the largest impact.

Unfortunately, that happens multiple times per year now.

I don’t think the Frappe Cloud support staff are up to the challenge of supporting stable version point yet. That takes man power that they may not have the funding to support at this time.

While I believe their concept is really great (hosting by the team that knows the product best), I just don’t think they are staffed yet to really take their hosted solution to the next level and compete with the other ERP players. Customers cannot tolerate the time lost to re-learning their system every time an update occurs. To them, time running their business is more valuable than the software they use and that presents a problem for Frappe Cloud Hosting.

In order to really make it work, they would need to change how they allocate their man power resources. It takes more people to support stable version points on a hosted platform. Maybe it means that they offer the current platform as the latest and greatest, but only as BETA version ,and then offer the very last version of the previous major version number as the stable option. Right now, that would be the last release of version 9 ERPNext.

In doing it this way, then a much smaller staff would be required to maintain the last stable cut of the last major version (for example v9). Once the BETA versions start version 11, then all v9 customers could be warned that in 30 days they will be upgraded to the last stable cut of v10. This would still keep everyone moving up the version chain, but doing it in stable steps.

There would still be those wanting to stay on the cutting edge. We need those users in order to keep improving the software as it moves forward, but it leave open the possibility of a stable source of hosting income by NOT alienating the customer that need more stability.

Anyway… just my thoughts. Believe me… I wish they had something better to offer in hosting, because maintaining it myself is costly and time consuming. I would prefer to be able to hand that off to the Frappe Cloud team. It just seems they are just not ready for that yet.



One main player that is missing in this discussion in the foundation.

Frappe does what is best for them. In their philosophical breaking things often gives an incentive to build feature into the core. Its a belief. A valid one. Success is still questionable because I can’t measure it. I believe in it too.

But if you ignore the above and focus on the customer/UX then that strategy seems out of place.

So the player that should balance these 2 pillars (code + UX) should be the foundation.

Which is more present by being absent.

Which is partly because we haven’t held it accountable.

So its upon us? Just a rhetorical question.

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