Multiple opportunities from one lead... how to do it properly?


Yesterday I was talking to a friend Sara at a dinner party who:

  1. Wanted to buy me product A for sure
  2. Was thinking about the possibility of him buying me product B
  3. Has a friend who owns a shop called that can resell our products and, when I want, will introduce us

I know that none of the 3 will happen immediately since I’m currently very busy trying to fulfill existing orders from existing customers. But as soon as I have some time I want to pursue these 3 possibilities. How to record this into ERPNext?

My first thought was to create 3 leads. But I soon realized that there should be just 1 lead per person.

My second thought was to create 1 lead for my friend and 3 opportunities, one for each of the above possibilities. But I don’t think the third possibility is a real opportunity since I don’t even know if it even makes sense. Should it be considered as an opportunity?

My third idea was to create two leads, one for my friend Sara and another one for the shop. And then immediately create two opportunities from Sara’s lead, one for product A and another one for product B. If this is correct, how should I create the lead for the shop? Although it was referenced by my friend, and the next step is to ask my friend to introduce me to someone in that shop, I don’t have any contact name there.

Did I get it right in any of the 3 alternatives described above?
What is the best way to map this scenario into ERPNext?

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C) 2 leads (with 2 opportunities for Sara / 1 opportunity for store) I’d say


I would pick option B)
In fact the coffee shop is an opportunity from Sarah, if you call it “Get Coffee Shop Contact” and treat it likr an opportunity until you get the contact and that gives you a new lead and a new opportunity.

But C) is also valid.

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That’s what I ended up doing. And the lead name is “Sara’s friend” and in the Opportunity details I write that Sara will introduce us to this friend of hers.

Thanks :wink:


From reading only I learned that the difference between a Lead and an Opportunity is that an Opportunity is already related to a potential sale.

“If you have never contacted your contact, it’s a lead.”
“The opportunity is a deal that you have the possibility to close!”

Since I never contacted this store… I prefer to register it as a Lead.


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I’ve never thought about a lead that way, but it makes sense.
Go for it!

You made me change my mind too :slight_smile:

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@nununo, how do we create 2 or multiple opportunities from 1 lead?
Since I’m a beginner in ERPNext, not able to figure that out.

You can directly create opportunity from an existing lead multiple times. Or you can create a new opportunity directly and select the “opportunity from” as lead and it will list all the existing leads.

Thanks @Saumyaseelan_Pv, I could do it. But a confusion - we usually get multiple opportunities from same organization with different capacities of product requirements.

How should it be done
First we create a lead with organization name.
Then create multiple opportunities from this lead with item details different for each opportunity.
Is this the best and right way?

Challenge - In opportunity list view, all multiple opportunities look alike - customer/lead is same, there’s no clue of item details. The only identification for each opportunity is Naming Series but difficult to remember as its an auto number.

What is the right way to cover this?

switch to report view,pick child table field:item code

@szufisher, that change remains with report view only. By default, my users see List View. Is there a way to display this column in List View as well?

List Settings option lets me select fields from parent doctype only.