Multiple Payment Entry

Dear All,

We have a different company and business structure.
We normally enter sales invoice of a customer e.g. total amount is 50,000, then the next day we enter another sales invoice of 20,000.

When the customer pays us, he gives a cheque of 25,000 and 10,000 and both of different banks. And it normally does not corresponds to the sales invoices.

What we want to do is, we want to make a single payment entry of both the amounts and but to different bank accounts as it will be very hectic to make 2 entries all the time.
Its not the issue of ERPnext, its just too much work for my small staff.

Can I edit the doctype and make that according to my needs (or make another doctype)? what will happen to the back end DB?

Please help.

The Payment Reconciliation Tool is what you’re looking for, which is labeled here as “Match Payments with Invoices”, available in the Accounts Menu.


Thanks for your reply. I actually want is to enter multiple payments in the following screen.

For example: payment received from xyz of amount 20,000 in bank abc
another payment received from xyz of amount 21,000 in bank abc.


You may use the Bank Entry feature (Accounts Module > Journal Entry) for this:

The payment journal will look like the screenshot below:

Remember to open the drop-down arrow on the Receivables Control GL account (Debtors Control, Trade Debtors, Customers, Accounts Receivables, or whatever name you have for the control account). See red arrow in screenshot above.

Do this to link the total amount received against the invoice as shown in the next screenshot:

If you must link the two amounts received from the different banks separately, then you will have to debit the Accounts Receivables control account with the separate amounts received instead of the total debit of N100k as I have shown above.

There is a downside to this however. Since you combine the entries in one payment journal, you will only be able to enter one payment reference and narration/description for the entry.

Hope this helps.

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Im excited to see this. Now I am going to check and reply back.
again thanks