Multiple Payment Request in Single Invoice

Hi all, I have a question. Consider the above picture where 3 different payment terms are set in one invoice. Currently, I’ve tested to send a payment request for the first payment term [900] which it has successfully deducted from the overall total amount [3000] leaving the outstanding amount[2100]. However, I could not create a new payment request to for the second payment term of that invoice. Is this the intended behavior to have only one payment request per invoice? Or is this a possible bug issue?

Thank you!

Replicated this in my test account, and yes, it seems like there is only one Payment Request that can be associated with one Sales Invoice. Let’s consider this a feature enhancement, please feel free to create a GitHub issue here so it can be reviewed for consideration. @asyraf_iesync

This issue is still outstanding.

Any progress?

@olamide_shodunke i pm you on your request.Confirm

Just seeing it

Thank you so much, we actually resolved it.

I appreciate your support

@olamide_shodunke Could you share your solution.
We are looking for that

Hello @Mohammed_Redha

I was referring to another issue addressed to @Fred1 not the multiple payment issue.

Sorry for the confusion

We are looking for this as well. It makes no sense that the second payment request (which you can create) cannot cover the outstanding amount (Error: Total Payment Request amount cannot be greater than Sales Order amount).