Multiple PO Approvers / Workflow

Hi All

I was wondering if someone could help or point me in the right direction for having a workflow or some other alternative method which allows to have multiple PO approvers.


User 1 creates Purchase Order which is over 500, in this instance needs approval from Manager 1, Manager 2, Manager 3.

Once approved by all 3 then the Purchase Order is Marked as approved, until then the order is just a Draft.

Also, what is the best way to keep all 3 managers in the loop about the PO status?

I would very much appreciate it if someone could help or provide an example for this…?

Many thanks in advance

You can refer to the following link and combine it with the usage of Authorization Rules to achieve what you are looking for

Hi @Pawan

Thanks for your quick reply on this, much appreciated.

I have used authorisation approvals in the past and all good on this.

I have played around with the workflow in the past, but to be honest is not something i am very familiar with or perhaps say how to setup best for this particular requirement. I have given the example a go, but no luck…

What we need is to have users create POs, but for certain amounts the system to require 3 approvers, and not to submit before all 3 of the managers have approved it.

Any clues what some of the States or Transition rules could be for my setup? If someone could create an example screenshot, then i can do the rest without a problem… Just getting a bit confusing with the States and Transitions, hence i would appreciate some help…

Many thanks once again

Also, just to clarify

I have managed to setup the workflow based on 1st manager approving, then 2nd manager approving and on to the 3rd manager where they can approve and submit.

Now, this is only 1 workflow which works fine ONLY IF all 3 managers are required to approve.

What we need is to

have manager 1 approve and submit anything up to 100

have manager 1 approve and 2 to approve and submit if more than 100

have manager 1 approve, manager 2 to approve and manager 3 to approve and submit if more than 500

This is the bit where it is getting very confusing with the workflows and i don’t see how this can work or have a mix of 1 or 3 approvers based on PO grand total.

any help would be very much appreciated

thank you

I think the scenario may not be possible to implement without customization or changes to the code.

You could try the below and see if it works out for your scenario

  1. Create 3 separate roles for each approver ( Level1 Approver, Level2 Approver and so on)

  2. Create 3 Authorization rules based on the amounts and map them to the roles

  3. Test out a cycle of Purchase Order

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