Multiple Print Buttons for POS

Good Day
I discovered while using the POS in offline mode that if I spread the payment for a transaction across multiple modes of payment like this

and proceed to pay, the print dialog box contains as many modes of payment as was selected

Is there a reason this happens? is this a bug? Because clicking any of the print buttons generates the same receipt so in my view I see the multiple generations as redundant.

@Ebuka_Joseph_Akeru Thanks for pointing out, the possible chances are the Print option is mentioned due to the number of Payment methods, although it is worth validating the issue.

Could you mention the steps undertaken for faster replication of the issue.

Hello @Mitali_Deshpande , the only setting I have is set POS to work in offline mode

After that, I added my modes of payment in the POS

My ERPNExt and Frappe versionsfeb7_6
Thank you