Multiple Printout for restaurant

I need information, how can we use POS for multiple printout, one printout for the customer and second printout in kitchen for order processing.

kind of a hack job, but you can create a custom print format which will be two pages with same data in both pages, print that and you get 2 printouts

Restaurant is not practical in ERPNext as of now. You will be spending more time on various hack jobs. Better to use a readymade software than ERPNext.

Thank you for reply but i need two printout tin two different printers.

What do you recommended ? did you use any open source restaurant ERP.

Try Chromis POS or Floreant. Unicenta is also an option.

Hi thank you for replay , is there any opensource available which can be integrate with erpnext.

if its two printers, then you can use email to print service to print in the second printer, set up an email alert to be sent to that specific address once you submit the doc or some likely triggers

No. Someone on the forum said Samba POS was integrated. Cant vouch for it. Its not worth the time for using ERPNext in restaurant. I would rather go with another matured software.