Multiple prints of Invoice like Customer Copy/Duplicate Copy/Original Invoice

How to achieve Multiple prints of Invoice, Delivery Note, and many other doctypes which require or may be required like Customer Copy/Duplicate Copy/Original Invoice/Transport Copy etc written on top corner/or bottom anywhere.

I’m pretty sure, I have to play with Print formats and have to create prints formats for same. But, this is very generic requirement and may be implemented by many of us. Or, Kindly help me with this. I’ll do.

Do a html print format and copy the same code that many number of times. That’s the easiest, though maybe we need to think of a more elegant solution with the ability to choose different titles/labels on each copy.

We have done this for our implementations.



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You have to maintain the status of printjng a doc so if already printed give the user just the possibility to use duplicate print format.


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