Multiple production orders in material transfer for manufacture


Currently I believe we can only select one production order per ‘Material transfer for manufacture’ stock entry. In the process we follow, the material transfer is done in bulk and not necessarily per production order. If I create a new production order, how can I tell the system that the material has already been transferred earlier and only the ‘Manufacture’ type of stock entry needs to be done?

If while creating the ‘Material transfer for manufacture’ stock entry we could select multiple production orders instead of just one, maybe that would solve the issue?



I believe it’s important to track material transferred against a Production Order. If we allowed multiple Production Order in the Material Transfer entry, then it can make it complex for managing duplicate items. An item which is used in two different BOMs. It will become lot more complex in the case of duplicate serialized and batch items. For now, will request you to post Github Issue for it.