Multiple Project in single sales invoice


We have a scenario that our client would like to billed on a single sales invoice for multiple project.

We tried adding the project on the items table under the accounting dimension section how ever we got an error while saving. It says that all rows should be in the same project. Is there a workaround we can use to have a sales invoice for multiple projects

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That one may need some customisation in the invoice templates and also going to the code

Yes, What I did was to create a custom doctype to facilitate the requirement then created a server script for it to be passed to the sales invoice

It’s a bigger problem than it seems. There would need to be a ledger doctype to store the project/dimension entries. Not sure how ERPNext handles this.

you need to put project field in the item table l don’t know how it can be done in ERPNext but thats its done sage pastel so you simply have to put a column for projects in items table