Multiple Projects for timesheet

Hello everyone, I have an issue and I was hoping you guys can point me to the right direction.
I log the time for each project on timesheets, my problem is that I have one person who is working on multiple projects at once and when we try doing two timesheets the times overlap each other and it doesn’t work, so I was hoping someone has any ideas as to how I can approach this issue.

Thank you !

There is an inbuilt validation to ensure each entry is unique. You will have to split the time and separate out the entries. This is because there is billing and costing information associated with each entry.
For example, if Employee 1 is working on Project 1 & Project 2 for an hour, make two entries

  1. Project 1-0.5 hour
  2. Project 2-0.5 hour
    The time allocation may not be that simple but this is the only way right now according to me.


It works fine in v12. You can have multiple employees create overlapping timesheets for the same project. Also, if you want an employee/user to record overlapping timesheet, you can enable that via Project Settings. Check the following checkboxes.

Hope this helps.


Thank you @Manan_Shah I tried that and yes it can work but the latest solution fixes my issue.

@michelle you rock!!! Thanks a lot for your help as well. that fixed it.

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hi everyone,

I am a little bit confused about Costing Rate in Timesheet. In my case, i already set employee cost in term of Time Sheet (later convert to salary slip), but i found out i can’t calculate employee cost based on specific project.

I think i should fill in the Costing Rate in Timesheet.

My question is, if i fill in the costing rate in Timesheet, will it be double the cost since i already have my employee cost in form of salary slip?

Thanks & regards,

Hi Michelle, I have a really, really silly question sorry… but how do I get to the projects settings screen with the ignore time overlap setting?

Navigate by typing Project Settings in the Awesome Search Bar

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Thanks Manan - that worked really well. But did do my head in a little bit that I’ve been unable to get there via any other “normal” method! Thanks for your help - much appreciated,

Hi Carl,

Projects settings is not added in the projects module dashboard. This is fixed in the next version where all the modules’ settings are grouped together. For now, please search it via the search bar.

Hope this helps.

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