Multiple Purchase Orders Naming Series


When we raise a purchase order it gets a sequential number. So the template is PO-0001, PO-0002 etc

Is it possible to have multiple purchase order templates?

So for example
PO-clamps-001, PO-clamps-002
PO-clips-001, PO-clips-002

To the purchaser would be able to chose PO-clamps or PO-Clips as a template to use?


@Ron_Taylor, Yes you have do this, refer following steps -
Go to Customize Form → Purchase Order and open field Series, in series options currently have PO- value you have to change their as your values.
Refer following screen-shot -

While creation of Purchase Order you have to change series as per your requirement.

-Regards, Priya

@priya_s @Ron_Taylor Using customize form view for having multiple series is not the correct way you could do the same by going to Naming Series and select the transaction as Purchase Order and add any number of series as you want and the same would be reflected in the Series of your transactions, for more details refer:

@adityaduggal whats the difference? I have been updating through customize form … but yeah what you suggested is better…

Thanks all.