Multiple Quotation for Same project

Is anyone found way to process multiple quotation for same project and then sending all these quotations in single email for customer selection.

Purpose- we provide solution to customer as per customer budget and quality, so need to give him multiple options.

Thanks in advance


This feature is not available as of now. Would you mind creating a github issue for this.

I can think of a workaround where you add a custom field for project in Quotation Doctype and then
Item table can duplicate the items based on the requirement of the client. Just a suggestion though !

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Hi, if possible please give your view on following requirement:

Doctype - Quotation

  1. Need option to add items detail in 4-5 section
  2. further each section need 4-5 sub-section

We are audio solution provider and provide audio solution to customer, based on that we provide multiple quotation for each building area of client. Hope you understand my requirement.

I just want to know, what would be best way to cover this requirement.