Multiple Sales Order From POS


I’ve a Factory and multiple Franchises. So i am using multiple POSAwesome for the franchise side. Now when the Franchise sends us (the Factory Sales Order). We at the factory get it as Sales Invoice, not as sales order. how do i get it as sales Order so i can make Delivery Note.

Thank you!

HI. If you are using Awsome POS you can find in the POS Profile the check for “Allow Create Sales Order”. With this option the cashier has a select to choose it and adds delivery date and notes for each item or the whole invoice. That means you will have a Sale Invoice paid and a Sales Order to make the delivery later.

@Malvin Thank you for your reply. True, i follow this steps, My thing is i have 19 Store. and When they give me(Factory) sales order. At my factory it is reflecting as Sales Invoice. not Sales Order.

If it is not as sales Order i can’t create work order and Delivery Note from it.
Please let me know what i can do ?

Thank you

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Thanks Malvin.