Multiple Sales Order on Shipment Delivery Note and Sales Invoice

I am trying to configure Sales Shipment Delivery form to show more then one Sales Order.
For instance:
Sales Order 1 has 2 items;
Item A 100pcs
Item B 200pcs

Sales Order 2 has maybe similar or different items
Item A 150pcs
Item C 400pcs

Now i would like to ship them partially
Delivery Note 1

From SalesOrder 1
Item A 50pcs
Item B 100pcs
and from SalesOrder 2
Item C 200 pcs

I want to show Sales Order No and Sales Order Date as Table on the bottom.

Thanks for your support…


1)On ‘Delivery Note’ form,there is field “Against Sales Order” that you can show in table view
by selecting Option as “List View” in DocType- ‘Delivery Note Item’.
2)And For Sales invoice- you can go to “Sales Invoice Item” doc type.
select option as “List View” for field - Sales Order

Your prompt reply help me to see belonging Sales Order No for each item on Sales Order and Delivery Note Form. But i want to print out delivery note and invoice with referring Sales Order No and Sales Order Date a the bottom of the Delivery Note . I want to do the same think for invoice for each Shipment Delivery Note; Shipment Delivery Note Number and Shipment Delivery Note Date needs to be printed on the bottom of invoice as separate table (Table should include Shipment Note number and Shipment Note Date).

Again thanks for all your help…