Multiple select option in link field

i need multiple select option in Article(link field)

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Link field can only hold one value at a time.

please elaborate your use-case.

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Thank you sir for your reply, i was just trying to create the library management application as specified in the
link: Frappe Framework Tutorial in library transaction doctype there is field called article which is linked with Article doctype. In some point of time member will be taking more than one book from library, so all that has to be done under single transaction, for that i need multiple select option in link field

If you issues multiple books at a time, then create a child table for it, like Item table in the Quotation.

Or create separate issues entry for each book.

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i will try this, thank you sir

You found any way ??

Hello Umair ,
In my scenario when user create a new item and select company in that then r8 now he can only select one company at time i want to select multiple companies here so how this resolved in v12???
Can you please help me for this?


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refer the below link


Make Child table for company
As Duplicate from Linked Location doc type ,
instead of Location , Rename it to Company and link it to Company doc type
** Make customize form to the doctype you want , make anew field , make its type table multi- select
**** Table MultiSelect Field

it will be like this

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‘Table MultiSelect’ has no support for webforms?