Multiple Ship-to Addresses for each Customer

Hello, would greatly appreciate advice about how to setup the following scenario.

I have about 150 customers. Each has between 1 and 47 ship to addresses. How would you set it up?

Is there a way to list that many ship-to addresses under a single customer? If not, what about custom fields?

Other alternatives that I have considered include loading each ship to address as a customer and then using groups to track them as single customer.

I am new to ERPNext and I am in the process of loading the business into the ERP.

Thank you for your help!


Hello CableKing,

Yes, you can set “more than one” shipping address to one customer. Steps are same as you add address for customers, just select “Shipping” under address type. But make sure you are not selecting the “default address”.

Obviously, if you will be loading each “ship to address” for a particular customer, you can track the “Delivery” based on customer and “ship to address” basis.

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sunilsrikumar, thank you for your reply.

When I try to save another shipping address I get an error message:

Duplicate name Address A Industries-Shipping
Address A Industries-Shipping already exists
Did not save

How would I got about saving another shipping address once I have saved the first one?


@CableKing, you will have to give it another title… Shipping Address 1, Shipping Address 2 etc.


Got it. Thanks!

Is there any way to create those custom address titles in the GUI or is this something that can only be done via import?

When I am in the customer screen and try to add an address, the system seems to only allow me to select from the default address titles but there is no option to create a custom title.

I’ve also tried doing it via import, but the system generates an error when I try to create a new address name.


I guess you have to customize the form. 47 addresses is pretty unusual. What is your use-case?

Mehta, are there perhaps instructions on how I can do that?

The only think that I found is: Based on this page it seems that I can add and remove fields but not modify the field structure.

Could you help figure out how to add ship-to address slots?