Multiple shipping addresses in one sales order


I would greatly appreciate advice about how to setup the following scenario.

Essentially I would like to create one sales order and one invoice for shipments of multiple items to multiple addresses for one customer.

Create a sales order for
Customer C1
Billing address BA1

Sales order items:
01: Item A; Delivery Date D1; Shipping Address SA1
02: Item A; Delivery Date D2; Shipping Address SA2
03: Item B; Delivery Date D3; Shipping Address SA3

Let me know if this is possible.

Thank You.

Did you get any solution?

I have similar use case.

item 1 → copy 1 → shipping address 1 (international)
item 1 → copy 2 → shipping address 2 (local)
item 2 → copy 1 → shipping address 3 (international)
item 2 → copy 2 → shipping address 2 (domestic)
item 2 → copy 3 → shipping address 3 (domestic)

Please suggest how application (sales order) can be customized to map multiple service addresses with items?

Early response will be highly appreciated!