Multiple Stock UOM in Purchase

Hi everyone,
Suppose i have purchased (Metal Sheet) in “Kgs” and i have to maintain its stock in “Nos”. I have put conversion factor and that is calculating my Stock UOM in fractions but i want this to be whole number.

Please help. Thanks.

You can enable the “must be whole number” in UOM document. But the purchase should also happen with whole number.

Hi Saumyaseelan,
Thanks for your reply. That is the use case Purchase is not happening in Whole number but have to maintain stock in Whole Number.

Hi alifiyah

In an used purchase order item UOM you cannot change the value to whole number
what you can do is disable the old item and create a new item with whole number.

Thanks for your reply. But that is the use case and i thought if we can achieve it through some ways by writing either server script or custom script. Any suggestion in that front would be appreciated.