Multiple tab pages would be much more user friendly

Currently, users do everything in one page. They look up something, go back to the home page, create something, go back to the home page, open something, go back to the home page…… It would be much more convenient to be able to open multiple tab page in one browser tab. Actually a lot of web system and framework, including ERP do that.
Certainly users can open links in new browser tabs, but that’s less desirable in terms of speed and functions e.g. the system cannot know and manage the open browser tabs as they do for tab pages.
In mobile browsers, the current behavior might be appropriate, however.

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This will cost more resources, web browser tab is a good choice instead!

More resources of users’ computers? Modern computers can afford that.

Cost of resources in putting all frappe on one page and navigate it using tabs!
And tabs are handy for a desktop application not for the web.

If that’s the case, erpNext could add a system configuration option to enable users to open links in new browser tabs.

Besides the inconvenience stated in the topic, another issue about the current navigation is that:

  1. Users click selling in the sidebar and perform some operation in the workspace, say, create a customer.
  2. Users want to create a quotation which also belongs to the selling workspace. But customer belongs to an app to which quotation doesn’t belong, which is quite common in the system. So the user cannot use the breadcrumb Retail > Customer > New customer. Instead, he has to go to the home page.
  3. The homepage doesn’t keep the state, i.e. The user has to click selling in the sidebar again, which is very annoying as the above operations take place a lot of times.

In my opinion, all the problems can be solved in the below order of superiority:

  1. Multiple tab pages in one browser tab.
  2. System configuration option to enable users to open links in new browser tabs.
  3. Keep the sidebar(workspace) selection state.

If OmarJaber is right, maybe we can improve the system with option 2 or 3.

We are looking for ERP system and multiple tab pages is must have feature for us.
But I can’t find any information about multiple tab pages mode neither in the documentation nor in the internet.
Are there any information or plans for its implementation ?