Multiple Tables in Report Builder

Good Day Everyone.

I am facing an issue with the Report Builder of a certain Custom DocType.
This Custom DocType has multiple Child Tables, and I put them in the Report. But they don’t appear as if they were separate, they appear as if they were connected somehow.
The last table I placed on the (Pick Columns) list act as it were the child table of the previous child table on the (Pick Columns) list.

The Highlighted text is the original data on the child tables. and the text that are not, is repeated.
The second (Full Name) on the picture is the last table on the (Pick Columns) list as mentioned above.

This only to show you that even if you change positions, it is still the same condition.

In this picture, I added one more child table of the DocType into the Report.
As shown in the picture, the first child table has only 2 Rows, the second table only has 1 Row, and the third table has 4 Rows.

My objective is to make every child table “independent” so to speak, and to not get any repeated data.
If anyone could help me with my Problem in any way, I would be appreciative.

Thank You :slight_smile:

This maybe because the field names in the child tables are the same.

I tried the same with Purchase Order doctype. When I added columns from a single child table, data looked fine.

But after I added another child table column, the data is incorrect.

Showing child table data is tricky. Can you raise a github issue for this?

Hi @netchampfaris

Trust you’re doing great. Has this been resolved or is there still need to create a Github issue?


Hello @wale
I put it up on GitHub

Please try out the new ReportView in develop branch. I believe child tables can viewed now, without problems.

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I am facing an issue with the Report Builder.i append 3 child table but when i’m appending duplicate value will be getting

If anyone could help me

Thank you