Multiple tax calculation


i have two line items on my quote, one item attracts VAT and other Service Tax. how can i quote this two items in a single quote. i need to show the tax amount separately and then the grand total.

pls help.


  1. On “Item master” form define “Item Tax”
    For Example:-
    I have two Item i.e Pen and pencil
    i. For ‘Pen’ item - I have define Tax “VAT” and rate =0 (zero) and another Tax
    i.e “Service tax” with Rate =6
    Save form.
    ii. For Pencil’ item - I have define Tax “VAT” with rate= 5 and another Tax i.e “Service Tax” with rate=0
    save form.

  2. Now go to any Doc type i.e Quotation , Purchase order etc…
    -Select Above item

  • Manually select “Taxes and charges”
    i.e Type= On Net Total , Description = VAT , Rate =0
    Type = On Net Total , Description = Service Tax , Rate =0
    (Put Rate =0 , because rate is given on “item master” form)
    Save form…
  1. Now Click on “Show/Hide tax break-up” link ,which is available below of “Taxes and charges” table grid
    then it will display item name with Tax ,rate and calculated amount .

Shraddha Ranjane
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


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