Multiple tax templates in an invoice


I have created multiple tax and charges templates in the sales tax master.

Can i apply more than one template to an invoice.

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On Sales Invoice we can add only one Tax template.

Geetanjali Shitole
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd

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Please note you can add multiple rows in one Tax Master.
There shouldn’t really be a need of having multiple Masters connected to an invoice.

But maybe you can explain your business case somewhat, so we might assist you further.


We have some situations where we need to apply at least two different taxes to a purchase. What happens then? Do we need to manually add the second tax as a second row? I thought the whole purpose of having the templates set up is so the taxes can be easily applied (1-Click) to a transaction!

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@wale What is that you are trying to achieve? I think what is being advised is that you can set up however many tax templates as you like to cover all your scenarios and that each tax template can have multiple rows in it to cover multiple taxes.

You Purchase normally with 20% Purchase Tax added to the Total so you have a tax template setup called say PTax20 however sometimes you bring goods from a foreign country which attracts excise duty at 3% as well as the 20% tax then you could setup a second template which has both those taxes in that template and name it something linke PTax20E3 so instead of choosing tax template PTax20 and amending it you just choose PTax20E3. If you don’t have a complicated tax system in your country you may even be able to write a Tax Rule to apply the correct template so no clicking involved.


@eamonn Thanks ever so much! This answers my question perfectly :slight_smile:

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