Multiple TimeSheets in one Production Order

Good Day Everyone.
I am facing a problem with manufacturing a large amount of products, and I was hoping that you could help me with it.
[Scenario]: I received a sales order of 100 Pieces of my product. However, I have other products being manufactured and occupying the workstations and operations. I cannot stop the other Production orders on account of the new one, I also cannot let it occupy all of the workstations, for there are new Sales Orders and the quantity is low.
P.S: Please keep in mind that I give the customers a period of time for the products to be manufactured, the bigger the quantity the longer the time period.

My question is How can I make multiple TimeSheets for one Production Order??
I tried to make a small amount of the products and I used the TS, but I cannot use another when I click on
“Make a TimeSheet” Button.

If there is need for more elaboration, please ask.
Thank You. :slight_smile:

Any updates ??