Multiple Unique Serial Numbers

Hi All,

I have a similar situation like the one described here: How to add another unique field like serial numbers for an individual item

I also want to have atleast two (could well be three) unique Serial Numbers inside “ONE” Serial No.

I was not too convinced with the workaround suggested. What I propose is:

  • We should have a Button in the “Purchase Receipt Item” (the details table), which would bring up a popup with a child table having details, eg. Serial 1, Serial 2.

  • On completion of these details, the data should be returned and while creation of Single Serial No these details could be used and Unique Serial No can be updated and associated.

I have a clear picture on how to do this, I can also customize and create the required DocType(s). But I dont know Python as a Language and I dont know which files should I be customizing and how. How can Dialog be created with a Child Table and return the data?
It would be great if somebody can guide me in this direction.

Akshay Mehta

That’s some pretty serious customization :smiley: ! Could you elaborate on the Use case for such a scenario and how the scenario would benefit from such a custom code (instead of the solution already mentioned in the previous thread)?


Well I have always been of the opinion that the System should be user friendly and should be easy for non technical users.

The work around earlier suggested was a little lengthy as it needed one to create a csv file upload the numbers, then to create a PR and again inserting primary serial numbers in it. This is what i could gather from that thread.

The suggestion i made could possibaly reduce the work of creating and uploading csv file.

My use case is regarding vehicles wherein we need to have atleast two unique numbers for each vehicle. One is engine no and second is chassis no. It could well be more numbers in it.

Akshay Mehta