Multiple users, one account

We are considering have departments rather than users and wondered how this would fir with licencing . useability

So say we purchase the “5 user” cloud option. But instead of individual people we have 5 departments.

So for example a department could be “Sales”. The log in could be “

Now, anyone in sales can log in with “

We do not have a large sales department (in fact just three people)

Would that class as one user?
Would it work? - by that I mean could three people on different computers log in as the same “user” at the same time or would it cause conflicts?

no, if the same user logs in the a other computer other one is kicked out

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Thanks for clearing that up for me

You can have one connection from computer and one connection from mobile device per account simultaneously.

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Thanks, that is good to know. But really best one user, one account

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Wow, looks like since Frappe 7.0.21 multiple sessions per one user are allowed: [feature] allow multiple sessions per user by rmehta · Pull Request #1960 · frappe/frappe · GitHub
Go to Setup → Settings → User → &username and set the value of Simultaneous Sessions in Security settings