Multiple warehouses with different stock valuation methods

There is a scenario
we have 3 warehouses
main dead and WIP
now the client needs that
stock valuation in main and dead be on moving average
and in WIP be fifo.
How can this be achieved ?


Valuation Method is applied on the Item. In the tem master, under Inventory section, you can update Valuation Method specifically for that Item.

thanks for replying
But here we have same item going through multiple warehouses.
So here the requirement is to apply valuation methods at warehouse level .

What industry is your customer in? Unless you have a long gestation period for WIP OR material price varies hourly you should not need FIFO for WIP. A bit curious. Thanks

Customer belongs to trading industry
Ill get back to u with more details

Ok, if it is just simple trade ( buy and sell) there shouldn’t be a need for WIP warehouse!