Multiple Website for same Company


is it possible to have multiple website for a single company.

The company sells 4 products : Smartphone, Tablet , Laptop,Computer.

Want to have one website dedicated to Smartphone and Tablet and another website dedicated to Laptop and Computer products, as the customer segment is different and will help for better SEO.

They need to have same ERPNext backend/datatbase as the resources are common.

Any Ideas/ suggestion how to tackle this ?

Some a single ERPNext instance, only one website can be generated.

On the website, you can have different pages for each Product Group, and list items under them, but the core website remains the same.

Is this still the case? How about (similar but different) if I have one erpnext instance running with 3 different companies set up, can I have a Website/Homepage for each of them with its own website settings?


Did u find any solution to ur question

If items are to be displayed according to city within the website automatically then is that possible. For example, if city selected is Mumbai then items of mumbai (probably those item variants) are displayed automatically while if city selected is Delhi then only Items of Delhi are displayed automatically. Pl share as this is crucial to developing ecommerce website using erpnext itself.