Multiselect in ERPNext

Is there any way to do multi-select because I want to send SMS to multiple group at same time

There’s this from a year ago to seek documentation MultiSelectDialog Documentation

To note here what you find - a screenshot, function name or code pointer would help.

frappe@ubuntu:~/frappe-bench$ find . -name ‘*.js’ | xargs grep MultiSelectDialog
./apps/erpnext/erpnext/public/js/utils.js: var d = new frappe.ui.form.MultiSelectDialog({
./apps/frappe/frappe/public/js/frappe/form/multi_select_dialog.js:frappe.ui.form.MultiSelectDialog = Class.extend({
grep: ./node_modules/ipaddr.js: Is a directory
./sites/assets/js/desk.min.js:frappe.ui.form.MultiSelectDialog = Class.extend({
./sites/assets/js/dialog.min.js:frappe.ui.form.MultiSelectDialog = Class.extend({
./sites/assets/js/erpnext.min.js: var d = new frappe.ui.form.MultiSelectDialog({

And these references in May - so check GL in v11?

edit: v11 will bulk print/email/edit Multiselect print/email - #2 by root13F