MultiSelectDialog table remove columns problem

How can I remove item_group and brand columns from table…

For your better understanding, My code

frappe.ui.form.on('Purchase Order', {
    get_item(frm) {
        const dialog = new frappe.ui.form.MultiSelectDialog({
            doctype: "Item",
            target: frm,
            setters: {
                item_name: null,
                item_group: null,
                brand: null
            add_filters_group: 1,
            action(selections) {
                if (selections && selections.length > 0) {
                    selections.forEach(selection => {
                        if (!frm.doc.items) {
                            frm.doc.items = [];
                        frm.doc.items.push({"item_code": selection});
                } else {
                    frappe.msgprint(__('No items selected'));
            size: 'large'

Remove above line. and it also remove the filter.
Then reload Ctrl+Shift+R and check it.

But I need This two in filters… If I will remove this, Then those are remove also from filter

I already told you.
Maybe, what you want is not possible.

I want to remove just column… Not from filters…