Multitenancy error

what do i need to do so that i can access all the site in multitenancy while using the DNS mutitenancy because i can only access one site even after installing more sites.I’m currently doing it locally

Hy @Simon_Muturi1

Watch this video maybe it will help you

Thank You!

Thanks @Mohammadali i actually used this video to do the whole steup activity but i can only acces one site the new sites are not accessible. I have also edited the /etc/hosts file .
Screenshot from 2024-01-22 15-18-09

@Simon_Muturi1 What error occurs in the second site.

Do you access from IP
EX :

i’m using but it opens the first site

@Simon_Muturi1 Migrate the batch once

bench migrate

:thinking: Maybe It may come even if “currentsite.txt” file is not removed.

i’m still facing the same error , do you suggest i remove the current site ?

You need to do bench setup nginx to generate new site web-proxy settings

then restart nginx to put it into effect.

Also did you do multitenant on in config ? if yes then it will not work with ports it will only work with domains.

to use port you need multitenant config off.

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Thanks @fkardame and @Mohammadali for the insights i have been able to acces the other sites after removing the default/common site. I think that was the reason the other sites were not working.