Multitenant setup


I followed multitenant setup on Multitenant Setup · frappe/bench Wiki · GitHub

I want to test mutitenancy on erpnext.
I created site2 and installed erpnext inside then reload nginx, using dns based multitenancy.

When pointing through browser, it showed default site: site1.

Do I need subdomain/domain as hostname for each site?

How to setup the hostname for site2? Is it possible to setup like So all sites are managed under one domain-folders…without subdomain.

Please some guidances.


The way I have been able to set it up it would be

But it also depends if you are using the port setup or not?


No,I’m not using port setup. How to setup the subdomain to point to site2?

I use EC2, when I pointed to but it’s not available.


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You need to setup the site for your DNS (not tried using the EC2 domain as you mention above only done it with a registered DNS). So when you create a new site you should use:

bench new-site (or rather if is your domain)
bench setup nginx
sudo service nginx reload

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Hi @wwalford,

When opened browser, is still not available.

Here’s what I did:
bench new-site
bench frappe --install_app erpnext
bench setup nginx
sudo service nginx reload

Any ideas?


Is your DNS_multitenant on?

sudo bench config dns_multitenant on

I have never tried using I have only done it with route 53 and using a registered domain. I will try replicate your problem and let you know what if I can get it working.

DNS_Multitenant is on, but the page is still not available…

Hi @wwalford, have you tried to replicate this on aws ec2?


Hello. @wwalford

How did you setup multiple sites with a subdomain? I’m using google cloud and ubuntu 14.04.


@Jonathan_Fanny_Lie Did you find any solution for this?

@Jonathan_Fanny_Lie I am also facing this issue. If you had resolved , Please update the solution here!

once dns multitenant is on, just point your domain A record to your VPS ip address

Yes @Jonathan_Fanny_Lie . After the dns multitenancy setup , I have point both my and . But in both sites i only able to access the siteone only. But I want to access the respective site in the respective url.

Could you please share your thoughts here!